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Arthur Pickett chibi LEVEL 3

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1 year ago

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and we are moving on
I'm gonna try to take a break from drawing bingus for a bit because...... I've drawn this bitch 42 times, this is the 42nd time I've drawn this bitch and I need to draw more shit that you know, aren't owl beasts, so bingus, and some other owl beasts will be put out of commission for a bit after I'm done drawing chibis of them.

so say bye to bingus for a bit, he's going on a break for a bit, knowing me, he won't be gone long but I need some time to draw more shit that isn't him because most of what I've been drawing lately was bingus, so imma just take a break, he's gonna take a break, we're all going to take a break for a lil while lol

also I just realized that I forget to color his toes and there's alot of white spots lol

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