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1 week ago


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So for some science work i had to do was make an earthquake legend witch is when people had no idea about what actually caused earthquakes so they came up with some bs to have it make sense so i did earth turtle
Yep earth turtle
( well he caries the earth so shut)
So to make this monster i looked at japanese lucky turtles but when i was drawing the head i got this weird shape so i just went with it and bam i made something thats kinda cute
So he is fast but rlly tired and falls asleep alot he has to find someone he cares about and nap next to them so he can have good dreams why u may ask? cos if he has a bad dream he will jolt around in his sleep witch causes earth quakes also his antenna thing is the sun/moon it changes usually when he is tired or asleep
(This is the last thing i swear)
His name ( well part of it )is actually my nickname that my sister calls me the full name in english is kenna the procrastinating turtle
Also he is fast and can climb on walls
Oki bye-