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Happy birthday Inosuke Hashibira! LEVEL 3

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2 years ago

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It's actually still the 21st here, so his birthday will be tomorrow
and I uhhhh used a base for the pose since I couldn't find any good references with 2 swords :\
do I just found a base with daggers but made them swords instead
I feel I may have gone overboard with the lighting, I kinda forgot how to do it since there weren't any Demon Slayer birthdays in March (but I'll need to do 2 in May, sheeesh)
I was originally just going to do this random theme with the Hashiras, but I decided to also do le Kamaboko squad 👌
I'll post the base in a topic later
my arm hurts, I was finally gonna do some schoolwork which I was slacking on today, but I'll do it tomorrow...

I don't even really know what this theme is, just neon lights and suits...

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