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2 months ago

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Thank you for commissioning me! I do really like this art piece, there's a lot detail that I put it on this piece so I hope you'll like it! I'll wait for the next commissioners!!!

Hayyoo, buat Army Indonesia kalo mau commission aku gembar seperti ini bisa loohhh... bayangin aja cuma dengan 200k kalian ud bsa dapet sparkling art kaya gini, dan bisa kalian cetak kapanpun dimanapun, siapa yg ga mau coba? ^^

Please support my webtoon too:

Anyway, I still open an art commission! Would you like to commissioning me? [For further information you can left a message/ comment on my medibang page, or you can also DM me on my Instagram ^^]

Don't forget to stay healthy and be happy okay! Let's support each other artist to spread happiness and love <3 #ipurpleyou


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