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1 month ago

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woo its me

uuh i had a weird feeling where i felt like i owed someone ever since my last meet the artist (which sucked, by the way) since my old account got frozen

so, i started over and made a new one!

yeah i left out a lot about me but i couldn't really fit it all in there. i think that's all you really need to know about me, though. i'm not a super interesting person tbh lmao

oh well. i'm proud of the drawing anyway.

also, i'm super late for this but thank you guys for 100 followers! it makes me happy to see that you all like my art, even if it makes me a little nervous to get more popular haha

time taken: 2 1/2 hours surprisingly

edit: i forgot to say that i'm not 16 yet. i'm turning 16 this year lol, but i figured i might aswell not let this outdate so i'm going to let it stay 16


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