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8 months ago

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A DTA from Zakota, I'm also paying for the species rn!
Name: Boba
Species: Teahouse Sprite
Gender: Male
Backstory: A random fact about this species is that they are linked to people in real life, they gain similar beliefs and interests. Boba is linked to Kayda, a 13 year old girl living in Tokyo. Kayda thinks that Boba is an "imaginary friend" because only she can see him (only linked people can see their sprites). Boba represents bubble tea because Kayda helps her aging father run a bubble tea stand in Shibuya Square. Kayda's father is trying to open an actual teahouse in one of the buildings, but they have come across some problems like maintenance, finance, and other typical problems. To keep afloat in business, Boba becomes the mascot of the teahouse, attracting much attention to their teahouse.
- Zyvra


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