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7 months ago

  • medibangpaint

  • boy

  • crying

  • red

  • orange

  • tears


This art using a base, I'm just edited it a bit ( yeah a bit uhuh ( the reason why the hand doesn't looks right is because I edited it lol ) ) . I'll post the original art in the topic ! when I'm done, and I'll put the link here ! please wait ;D

Also I know the shadow doesn't looks right ( i mean looks at that poor nose shadow ) . The reason why I'm not fixing it because...I don't want this art have more blankspot ;) Eheh ( no actually I don't fix it because If I do I would feel ' hmmm....Something's missing ' in this art . ) .
And actually there's some other weird things in this art, but let's forget and let them happen because It's really hard to draw a ' cute ' boy crying with ' not so feminine ' aura :'))

Here's the original art ! : " No..Please... " Pose Base ! | UNDERDOGS.'s Topic | ART street by MediBang .

That's it ! :D

Thank you so much for the art view and reading this ! Much Love ❤️❤️❤️


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