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Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress screenshot redraw LEVEL 3

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2 years ago

  • girl

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  • Kabaneri

  • Mumei

  • screenshotredraw

  • Ironfortress

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I've only seen the first episode, but I wanted to redraw a scene (I just took a really random scene lol, I don't even remember the context to this one)
Yeahhhhhh the light source looks totally different in my redraw, I just really like to use those bright colors

Bruh I hate those moments when my lineart looks worse than my sketch

(Also this is NOT a kid's anime, I repeat, NOT a kid's anime)

Hopefully I'll have time to get a few more drawings done by the end of the year...

Oh I just realized Mumei looks more surprised in my redraw.. Oops

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