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Welcome to the trials

"Jane, Cecilia, Gainer, Harris, Alexander, Ernesto, Carlos, and I correct?"
Spot on.
"I have all their posters right here. If you pay me enough I could take care of em for ya"
They've been a bother everywhere everyine has tr-
"Not everyone has tried. Come on you know you want to"
Why don't you just turn them in to the sheriff anyway?
"He doesn't like me very much"
*sigh* Fine I'll pay you. they've messed with this town too much.
"Is the money in that safe there?"
Why do you need to know that?
"All I needed to know was where the money is. I'll get them for you, but the thing is, I can't have any witnesses. I prefer to stay invisible you know?"
What are you saying...?
"You know exactly what I'm saying, was nice knowing you John, tell Mary hi for me"

3 months ago

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