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7 months ago

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This illustration is about my dream!
I am a student and a part timer. I love drawings and animations from childhood, and like animations and editing stuffs. I learnt editing and digital arts in my brother's friend. But i don't have a pc or a drawing pad and all my incomes are just enough for my college fees, wish i have a good laptop so that i could make some freelancing jobs on photoshop, illustration and editing and study some more programming, but all i have is one broken old 32bit laptop which can't even handle old photoshop software😅.
All my drawings i made are from mobile medibang application!. It took around 2 days, if had a lap and drawing tablet i could have done it soon! And it would be nice to draw in it.
I wish i could get atleast a laptop or one drawing pad!

( Note: Any one)

Laptop link :


Drawing pad :


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