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Borb of War

This month's birb is an art collab with a friend called jamfishgang on insta :D i've did the linework of le birb and they've coloured him in awesomely, absolutely love the shade work and the details, had so much fun with this lol, especially drawing in the monster :P
Lore time:
The embodiment of war, no one should dare to mock the God itself just because, his body is tiny and smaller than other Gods. You should be wary of his intense brute strength and rage. With every war, people worship in his name for physical valor necessary for success in war. His attitude is, overwhelming, destructive and high temper. Usually carries his two signature dual wielded axe. Known for slaying monsters bigger than his size and doesn't care about orders sent from the high heavens but, he does care protecting those who are weak.
During the meeting of the Gods, he is hated and avoided at all cost.

Arrive - LEVEL 2(2weeks)

1 month ago

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