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Lord of Shades (read desc) LEVEL 3

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1 year ago

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I haven't done a DTIYS(Draw this in your style) in like forever so I'm going to make this a DTIYS!

It'll be a contest
Rules -
Please keep your work SFW.
Do not claim this character as your own.
You may change things up a bit so that it's easier for you!
Please add the tag "AsherGloomDTIYS" so I can easily find your submissions!

Design notes -
-Both the eyes on the crown and on TBE center of her chest are staring directly at the viewer, all the other eyes are looking at the chest eye's direction.
-The crown has a glitch effect.

Contest prizes haven't been decided yet so please be patient with me...

The deadline for the contest is October 31st (Halloween!) So you have plenty of time to work on it! Have fun!

I forgot one element that I wanted to be in this and that was some strings on her fingers like she's controlling a puppet, but I forgot about those-- you don't have to put the strings in there lolol

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