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Release Date:5 months ago


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Honestly, if it wasn’t 1am rn, I’d be ecstatic about how this girly came out. I wanted to test out some newer functions with Painter since I’m still getting used to it. Not gonna lie though, I wasn’t expecting this as the outcome for her but I’m really happy tbh. Chinese oriental patterns are oddly fun and satisfying to draw. I’ll probably make her a proper ref n’ stuff if her design gets approved.

I’m also curious as to whether anyone will pick up on where I got some of the ideas for the markings cuz, I can tell you now, they aren’t all oriental patterns- especially the one nearest the left hand corner and on her chest ~w~

I may tell people if they guess correctly but you may have to stave your own curiosity ƪ(˘⌣˘)ʃ