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Name: Kei Arita [well this one is actually my OC]
- Tall: 180cm
- Age: unknown [but look's like 23 y'o]
- Half Vampire and Half Elf
- Introvert person, but humble and kind
- Cool outside, warm heart inside
- Tsundere type
- love vintage
- Trendy
- Have a sweet smile
- Kinda bad boy type, but will be a sweet cutie in front of you
- Hobby: playing [guitar, piano, harp, and bass], cooking, singing, drawing, and dancing
- Like: YOU, YOUR SMILE, YOUR EYES! What a perfect boy!!
- Hate: being ignored by YOU

Kei: "W-would you..."
You: "..."
Kei: "Would you... like.. hmmm"
You: "hmm?"
Kei: "Aish~ Be mine!" *shy*
You: *shock* "Yasss!!!!" XD


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