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1 month ago

  • medibangpaint

  • deer

  • wolf

  • contest

  • adopt

  • wings

  • species

  • dragon

  • winter

  • furry

  • oc

- One per person
- Pleaseeeee please use them if you win!
- Winners may change design slightly, not colors!
- For NTAs, suggest names in the description. Competition ends December 16. Winners MUST draw the adopt by Dec. 23, or it becomes the 2nd place's adopt (they also get 1 week to draw).
Helpful Tip: I'm more likely to choose names that sound serious, like "Omen," "Ombre," or "Aria" (but don't use the ones I just said). Names that start with vowels sound cool, but don't depend on that.
- For DTAs, it's a drawing contest due December 20. Winners can name their adopts.
Ummm I'll edit this if I missed things.
- Zyvra


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