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Rebecca Redesign (Jen_Contest)

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2 years ago

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This is my redesign for Rebecca for Jen! She changed a lot when i redesigned her since before, she had a pink dress and looked cute and everything XD Buut yeah! I am really proud of the redesign and the poses i did down the bottom.
She lost her family due to a tornado (like the original design). And got a necklace that can change her into a human-ish form. But when she took it off she would get really sick (Like, again, before XD).
After years of being alone, she practiced fighting and had to live on the streets of a dangerous city. She does raccoony things, like look for food in garbage and hide in shadows.
She doesnt kill very much, only when necessary! She just kinda knocks her enemies/attackers out after a few stabby stabs.
Also she has a scar on her neck, i forgot to add that to her main ref sheet -w-
I hope you like this Jen Jen!
Her contest!

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