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3 years ago

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im so gonna regret this but yh um contest is up and what it's about is to draw either rani( the bunny) koko( one with the scarf) or minty in the corner. you can draw them however you like either sitting ect you can also draw with addtional things ( like props or your oc i dont mind) no tracing, no stealing,nsfw and not a lot of gore.
anyway good luck! it ends on feb 12 ( in two weeks?)

1 place will have two request and 1 adopt
2 place will have 1 request 1 adopt
3 place will have 1 request or 1 adopt

there wil only be three winners (sorry) please tell me in the comments when your done :)
if you want to do minty you can either use my pfp or the drawing here
koko ( top one ):

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