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2 months ago

  • oc

  • dog

  • fuzzy

  • adopts

  • furry

  • cute

  • Floofy

  • Doggo

  • Adopt

A big ol batch of adopts 😃
But this time it's got rules
1 only one per person (because I want everyone to get a chance to get one)
2 you have to draw it at least once (draw it as soon as you get it so I know you'll use it) like I'm tired of ppl getting one but never using it >:(
3 you can name it as soon as you get one
4 please credit me
5 you con NOT change the gender
Ok have fun with your new character remember only one per person
Ok bye

1 taken
2 Taken
3 Im keeping
4 I'm keeping
5 taken
7 taken
8 I'm keeping
9 taken
10 I'm keeping
11 I'm keeping
12 taken
13 I'm keeping
14 is being kept by me sorry
15 I'm keeping
16 I'm keeping


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