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changed my art style

1 month ago
  • ℙopℝocks
    am I aloud to say
    but rlly this looks good
  • oh okay that's totally fine i just thought some of those were kind of off putting but it's completely okay if you like the way it looks, sorry
  • birchtakis
    And really, there is hair visibly on top of the head as well, but yknow. Thanks ?
  • birchtakis
    > anon
    Those are mostly stylistic choices, and yeah the bald thing? I do That a lot so I’ll try and fix that.
    All of them are stylistic choices really, it’s not supposed to look proportionate since I’m not someone who likes drawing realistically.
  • smartiee♡
  • smartiee♡
    but they one thing that kinda bothers me is that it kinda looks bald, maybe put some hair over the forehead or something?
  • smartiee♡
    Umm..i mean it's their art style so this is the way that the draw now and I think it's beautiful
  • smartiee♡
  • im not here to be mean and make fun of you or anything but i think this could use a bit of improvement. First the hair, there isn't much wrong with it except for in the middle, I'm not sure if its the look you were going for but it looks kind of bald, most of the time hair goes either over the forehead or just on top of it, but this goes behind the head. Another thing is the face, the eyes are much too small and the mouth is much to big by comparison, a small face on a character looks nice if done correctly, however this is kind of disproportionate. And finally the body, theres not much wrong there besides the fact that between the neck and the shoulders it curves down a LOT, and it isn't that big of an issue but its kind of disorienting. Im not here to make fun of anyone i just felt like this could use a little bit of constructive criticism for you know, improvement. But other than that it looks fine. I hope i helped you improve. :)
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