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6 months ago

  • furry

  • ロック中
  • character

  • ロック中
  • pilot

  • ロック中
  • medibangpaint

This hunk right here is Nate (short for Nathaniel) He is a Ornate Hawk Eagle. Nate works in a military organisation as an asistant of the new soldiers, He motly helps the Rockies out with the controls wile they are in flight. He helps with emergency landings but is mostly the best in air support if enything happens to any team. He is a playfull guy and a sweetheart at most but he tends to joke and flirt a lot. Nate's hair is mostly at the back but since he is busy fliyng he leaves it messy. He looks like he does not care or does not take seriusly his job but he can pack a punch and he can be the most cold person if he wanted to. He is a gentleman.


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