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Meet Willow! LEVEL 3

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3 years ago

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So this is the start of my personas. They're going to be different parts of me ig lol.
This is Willow, she/her pronouns, acts like a six year old, and shy around new people. As you know, she's a persona, so she's based off of me in a way. Not going to lie sometimes I just want to give up and act like a six year old. Yesterday especially. Her comfort item is a red and orange baby spoon, not for eating but more of chewing on (Yes it's a comfort item for me irl, don't judge). She's very playful and likes to doodle a lot. She loves her caretakers (which would be friends that I would be around at the moment) and loves flowers. She has a stuffed bunny that she carries around with her everywhere and pretends it's alive. She has dozens of imaginary friends but can get lonely easily.

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