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11 months ago

  • giftyouwant

  • ロック中
  • medibangpaint

  • alliwantforchristmas

This year, I got three times failed to enter to the universities. That was make me sad and depressed. But, just like some people said that "Art is therapy" so I try to drawing and painting. That makes me feel better.

But yeah, I make this picture using phone and I don't have stylus pen, so that I drew this with my finger, I'm tired :"

This day, I really want to have drawing monitor, I loves drawing because that can cheers me up. I can't buy this drawing monitor cz it's too expensive for me, and my parents don't have much money to buy me this.

If I could have this and win this challenge, I would really thankful to all of you who make this happen. But, if I couldn't win this, no problem, maybe God would have another plan for me. Also, I hope that the next year would be the best year for us.

Merry Christmas, God bless you!


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