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OC backstory in comments

2 months ago
  • Paul
    That's an awesome character
  • birchtakis
    I’m sorry for the weirs backstory I loce dArk shit an
  • birchtakis
    So basically a danger lesbian and a cute lesbian. Chaotic Gaya
  • birchtakis
    And then she met a person who completely changed her and she got super overprotective and sometimes she had temptations to kill her but she never did and the girl is oblivious
  • birchtakis
    There she sang creepy songs to the lads to put them through trauma so basically they went through insanity and their brains decayed,
  • birchtakis
    so basically she became a clown when she was 14 ( wack I know ) and she killed her sister even though her sister had nothing to do with it, and then no one found out. Then she started putting live people in coffins And hiding them in an abandoned warehouae
  • birchtakis
    so this oc named Rudy has a lot of childhood trauma from mental things and experiences
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