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3 months ago

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Greetings Art Street team,
I hope you all enjoyed your holidays. I really love this Norton plush, I spent all of money on family and friends (I am a teen so I don’t make a lot of money unfortunately) and I even though I don’t regret it but I think it would be nice to have something for myself. I am very fascinated with games (I hyperfixate) and I am attached to this character. I don’t smile much (I have ADHD and Alexithymia) but having a plushie of this character that is dear to me would definitely make me smile more. I need reassurance, I don’t think I’d leave the house without him… this gift would not go to waste. :)

I really admire the Art street team for how much you give to artists, I hope one day I could give something to the team too. I really mean that!


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