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2 years ago

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Hello everyone!! Hope you all are well, healthy and safe!!

Apparently..I’ve not been doing nothing very serious, but yeah...even I don’t know what’s happening.
I felt like hell, it was so bad the ‘I’ didn’t want to hear music! (I’m a creature who can absolutely NOT live without music)
I fainted 3ice a week(a bit serious maybe?)
I literally lost all my motivation to draw too...

But thanks to you all...that I feel ALOT BETTER!!
Like Right now...I’m back to my own JOLLY self! I feel so good today! I’m sooo sorry for being a coward...but yes.....I’d like to thank EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU!
THANK YOU sooo much for your concern, your msgs made me feel really good!!

This cute chibi shows how I feel right now...I’m really happy at the moment...and I hope this happiness lasts for a long time!
Ok! So now...I’m perfectly charged and ready to smile a lot more!!
(๑>◡<๑) you think this chibi resembles someone? (Doesn’t resemble ALOT...but I find someone resembling...) :0

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