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4 months ago



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  • gojo

  • boy

  • satoru

  • blue

  • JujutsuKaisen

  • anime

  • SatoruGojō

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Sooo as you can see there's ( some ) problem with this art, and the biggest and easiest to spot is...The cloth shadow , I mean you see that right ? There's a shadow even there's no fold there lol, Sed :'' . I wanna fix that but I have my own reason why I'm not fixing that, I just can't tell you why because I don't know how to explain it...Sorry 🙏 .
• • •
Oh and sorry if I drew him wrong,,,I didn't watch the anime or read the manga yet when I drew this...So yeah, I don't know much :') . 🙏
• • •
Still ! Thank you for supporting me by viewing this art ! That means a looooot to me ! Thank you so much for reading this too hehe 💕💕💕 .
• • •
That's All ! Babay ~ ❤️❤️❤️


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