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2 months ago

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So I decided to ,make a cover design based on what I've been experienced in 2020. For me, 2020 is the year that made me have to stay at home all the times and force myself to always produce something, even I feel stuck on my head. It does stressed me a lot and made me depressed all the time. But 2020's also the year that made me realized that I could push myself to the limit to creating all brand new imagination for my arts and also made a lot of progress on my digital drawing. Well, even I feel alone and feel like no one's by my side on 2020's, but I feel encouraged with BTS through their song and It heals me (that's why I put on a lot of BTS stuff on this drawing, and also the iconic whalien!) so, I hope that you'll like it ^^ [well, I'm okay even if this design didn't win, because I'm already proud to finished this art, and I'm proud to be me :)]

Don't forget to stay healthy and be happy okay! Let's support each other artist to spread happiness and love <3 #ipurpleyou


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