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I'm not dead :D LEVEL 2

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6 months ago

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sorry for not posting often, personal things have been getting in the way ^^" (I think it's quite clear what they are)
I actually could've posted last week but I couldn't finish the Halloween picture so I used up the time for nothing, haha
I've also spent most of my time playing pokemon as well

if you remember/ know who this oc is, congrats to you and have some virtual chocolate 🍫
they've actually changed a lot now they're not my persona anymore ._.

SquidKid, I'm currently trying to draw the adopt you gave me, midnight and galactic Reaper, I'll try to join your contests and simple dreamer, I'll try to do the DTIYS as soon I can
I'll also try to draw the infosheets for my ocs, design two owl beasts ocs, try and fit in an animation, maybe make some music on LMMS, do a contest irl, maybe draw some fanart, do the anniversary pictures, design creatures that represent motivation (and in some cases, art block), draw low quality pokemon, all that stuff


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