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2 months ago

  • medibangpaint

  • knight

  • nightmare_king

  • character

  • Hollow_Knight

  • shrimp

  • cute

  • shrimps

  • Hollow

  • Grimm

Me love him
he kinda looks like the adopt I got from Squidkid64 so I guess it was an inspo (inspiration). Ok so his head is a lil' smaller then this but I couldn't change it it was too cute .
So have a cute Grimm with a big head.

time taken: just guess what... I keep zero track
character used: Grimm (is from hollow knight)
species: ??? I actually don't know........................ A shrimp :D

shrimp Definitely a shrimp
what's up with me lately? Idk I think I'm on drugs.


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