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Yuichiro Hyakuya LEVEL 3

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1 year ago

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Im really happy with how this turned out! :D
I finished it earlier, but I waited till now to post it because I had finished it at like 1:00 a.m.
I feel like my art style looks a bit different here, maybe it's the way I drew the nose?
Yu my beloved

Also, for the past few days i've suddenly been having breakouts of hives, but we don't know the cause. Hives are usually from an allergic reaction, so it's possible i've suddenly become allergic to some food, but my mom also did some research and hives can also be caused by stuff like sitting too long, carrying a bag for too long, or stress.
Perhaps it's because I sit most of the day? Or maybe it's from me stressing about the hives? Or perhaps i've become allergic to eggs... At least I have a doctors appointment tomorrow.

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