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The illustration / manga posting site "MediBang!" Has become "ART street" !!
Latest 萱萱 - Elaine Lai’s art

美男吸血鬼 - 連名偵探也無法預測到的美麗的邂逅【亞瑟】

美男吸血鬼 - 連名偵探也無法預測到的美麗的邂逅【亞瑟】

美男吸血鬼 - 連名偵探也無法預測到的美麗的邂逅【亞瑟】

趁著這禮拜的連假,終於將這張完成了~~!! ✨✨

Finish the sixth of this series~~ ✨
Taking advantage of this week's holiday, I finally finished this work~~!! ✨✨
Because next week's work will start to get busy again...
Background I drew a manor in the UK. After all, Arthur is born in the UK.
The great people of this painting is the famous writer who wrote the suspense detective novel: "Sherlock Holmes": Arthur. Conan. Doyle.

Final Round LEVEL 2

2 months ago
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