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My small wish ! I hope it will come true ! LEVEL 1

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1 year ago

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  • giftyouwant2021
Hi,I'm a student.I also have a dream, I love to draw so drawing is an indispensable part of my life!But in this,the Covid-19 virus has spread everywhere,so it is unsafe to go out, my house is near the isolation area.At home, I always draw,in addition, the lack of drawing paper is also natural.So this Xmas, I wish I had a tablet that's more convenient and that I can take it with me to draw anywhere without the phone(i spend a lot of times on phone so I'm afraid that I’ll lose nearsighted)! Also drawing makes me happy because my friends like my pics, they encourage me to become a digital artist.So I want a tablet so I could draw anywhere.My family cheer me up!They said that i should take part in this contest! I know this is a bit ridiculous but I really want it , and the person who can make my dreams come true is you!

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