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List of themes

This week's theme

Every Monday, we choose a new theme. If you are unsure of what to draw, try doing one of our weekly theme challenges!

This week's theme is "Sunglasses" for a cool look! Sunglasses protect your eyes from the sun, and just by wearing them, you can completely change the mood! Let's make the character you usually draw wear sunglasses!

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7/26 ~ 8/1 theme

This week's theme is the classic fantasy alien race "elf"! They are a beautiful race of beings who have lingered in the forest for a long time and are characterized by their pointy ears. They are an inseparable part of fantasy elements! Please draw an illustration of these beautiful elf!

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7/19 ~ 7/25 theme

This week's subject is the shimmering "Sweat"! The heat of summer and the frenzy of sports... just one glistening drop of sweat can express so many different scenes! Let's try to draw an illustration that includes sweat!

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7/12 ~ 7/18 theme

This week's topic is "Pokémon"! The world of Pokémon continues to expand even after its 25th anniversary, with the official release of Pokémon Unite coming up in July! Let's draw them all!

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7/5 ~ 7/11 theme

This week's topic is the dazzling season of summer! It's July, and summer is just around the corner in Japan! The glittering sun, the blue sky, the lush greenery... let's draw illustrations of summer that will make you high!

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