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Final Round LEVEL 3



1 month ago

  • Aizawa

  • anime

  • Prarie

  • EraserHead

  • AizawaShouta

  • MyHeroAcademia

  • HizashiYamada

  • EraserMic

  • PresentMic

Here's a Needy Aizawa for your day.
His shirt is based from a Twitter post and I couldn't resist drawing Aizawa wearing it. Of course, Hizashi Yamada, hero name Present Mic, is curious on what Aizawa's mind.

Special thanks to Ishtar for her vital help in making this. 🥺💓
Best bro Ishtar:

Title: "Attention. Now."
Words on shirt: I am good in bed. I can sleep all day.
Dialogue: H-Heya, Shouta! Did you need me for something?


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