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Luka, my angel 🥺💙 LEVEL 3

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2 years ago

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So...I haven't been posting much on Medi and I'm sorry 😔 I've been busy with a lot of schoolwork and kinda sorta made another art acc on another media site- this is my first post on there!🤗✨ I hope you all like it!

If any of you noticed, a few of my drawings are not on my profile anymore and that's because I decided to move them to the other art acc. It's messy 😭😭 Collabs, adopts, and requests are going to remain here but drawings of some of my OCs, I decided to move because if I remember correctly, I need to make a formal introduction for them 😉💖✨ ily all!! My medi looks kinda dead ngl- 😂

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