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Tab for my online classes LEVEL 1

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3 years ago

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I need this to survive! Please send it to me!

My parents won't buy this for me, so I ask you to buy it for me!

I need this for my hobby.

Since online class has started it's been a living hell for me, since I don't have a mobile phone and would have to borrow gadgets from my siblings...sometimes I get taunted because "I borrow so often".

I would miss out on important tasks because I'm not online and couldn't follow through, I've been outcasted from my friends because I'm being a burden to them when there's a group project and couldn't contribute since I'm not online so often.

I can't ask my parents to buy the stuff I need because our budget is very limited, So I have to work twice as hard just to get what I need to survive college🙇‍♂️😫.

Samsung tab a7:

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