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3 months ago

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Hi Medibang.
This is the present that I Really Really wanted for quite some time now, I've been trying saving up my money to buy that laptop because my old laptop that I use to work/studying with are broken "completely" I don't have a job yet, I'm still a student, all I had was the money I've been commissioned with, and it's really hard to get a clients, I usually got 1 clients per 4-5 month & some daily savings, *honest* (my budget still far)... Maybe I get a chance to win one, who knows right? I just hope, Hopefully my wish might answered, (kinda feel guilty to wish something as like a laptop...) & My Birthday is in a few weeks so, IF I win one of the present, I'm probably the Happiest person.

Happy Holiday Medibang! I Love You!!!

*I tried my best to drew this on my mobile phone, with my finger.


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