The illustration / manga posting site "MediBang!" Has become "ART street" !!

【公式】トレスde描こう!-第3弾-/Trace&Draw【Official】 no.3

絵描きの皆様にもっと楽しくART streetをご利用いただくべく、みんなで使える素材を配布します(*'ω'*) 第三弾!


・ART street以外へのご投稿も自由にしていただいてOKですが、右下のロゴはなるべく消さないようにお願いいたします。
In order to make the ARTstreet more fun for all artists, we will be distributing art materials!(* 'ω' *)
・ I want to draw a something, but I don't know what to draw ...
・ I can't think of a pose...
Other troubles that artists encounter, etc....

Draw a picture based on this draft and post it with the tag ""Trace&Draw【Official】""

Of course it's OK to draw alone or you can draw with other users!

※Important Points※
-Please view the posting guidelines.
・ You are free to post to sites other than ART street, but please do not delete the logo on the lower right of the image.
・ We cannot take responsibility for trouble between users.

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    > Seshihira
    thank you!
  • Seshihira
    > L Y N E
    Hi! If you couldn't solve the problem: I right-clicked on the pic and then I chose the option: "Open image on a new page" (or something similar, I'm not sure how it exactly written on English devices xD) and then "save image as..". I couldn't find any other way ^^" I hope I could help~
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    how can i copy this and add it to medibang in pc?
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    How can i use this?
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  • ART street
    為解決想畫圖但不知道要畫什麼、不知道要怎麼畫人物姿勢等創作者常有的煩惱,並且更享受創作,ART street發行讓大家都能使用的官方素材囉!歡迎使用這張素材作為底稿,並且添加「Trace&Draw【Official】」「【公式】トレスde描こう!」標籤在ART street投稿喔!無論是個人或是團體創作皆歡迎,期待看到大家的作品!
    ・創作可投稿於ART street以外的平台,但請盡量勿刪除圖片上之ART street的logo
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