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| ~+*Lysander Daughtry Starr*+~ | Main Character |

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1 year ago

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Lysander is my primary character out of every single one I have, (Alan is is my 2nd fave/Lysander's boyfriend. He comes from another parallel dimension, one where the beings there created humans. He ended up on Earth by accidentally opening a portal. Resulting in him losing near all of his memories. His IQ is somewhat ungodly, and is unexplainably powerful, but not on Earth. I couldn't fit his wings on the official art itself because of the size and the description. Lysander never interacts with people other than his boyfriend & his parents, and his 4 other friends, not including their parents. His wings can be hidden out of nowhere once he folds them, so he sort of looks like a human. His fingers can change into a form of crystal claws, & he never goes out in broad daylight. He can also take the form of a large wolf, reaching up to 6 feet on his hind legs, but when shapeshifted in his home realm, he is a more supernatural kind of "wolf"...

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Latest PhøenixX-G (PG)’s art

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