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Request from Codex!!! >:D LEVEL 3

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1 year ago

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my god this is so cool, i loved drawing it ldjaklsdjaklsdj
thank you codex, it was great to draw your order :>
I finally tried to design a scenario again and until it got better, I only used two brushes to do this :0
[I used the fluffy watercolor to draw, and the Airbrush to project light with the overlay layer]
lately i was attentive to have so many followers and i am very happy for this feat, but i am also surprised that the drawing with more likes only has a ... 22 likes, this is not even at least a quarter of the people that follow me . _ .);
maybe i'm complaining about what i have, but i'm just surprised even by the numbers...
ok I'm going to stop here before it gets boring-

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    Latest -lulu- {Achromatic star}’s art


    -lulu- {Achromatic star}


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