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6 months ago

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Well, i'm opening dtiys:D
but unfortunately there will be no reward, the reason is I'm trying to focus on studying:((

Some information about oc in the picture:
her name is Nuntius Dei (translated from latin to english means messenger of god)
she is about 9 to 13 years old
has 3 pairs of wings on the head and 2 pairs of wings on the back along with a halo ring

I will post more information later lol;v;)

⚠️and about the contest rules:
- no offensive images
-Do not trace, repost other people's pictures
-time is 14 days from when you join
-Draw this pic in your art style
- You can be as creative as you want, I'll be so happy

Thank you for joining😘
good luck everyone💖💕💗💕💕💖

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