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2 years ago

  • Killmeplease

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She's short.... what's funny is that in her ref she was like 6'8 so she is tall to some degree but obviously, bingus just..... at what point do I stop calling him a human and start calling him a tree because he's pretty much as tall as one lmao, anyways, here's another challenge thing I did, idk why I wanted to do this one but I did, I didn't know what the short character should've been... So I just used my friend's oc Squidkid because I feel like she would be short.......... Also that last part is Ash reminding bingus that Squidkid is a bug.... Yeah she's normal until you figure out that she's a bug, a robot bug, but a big ass bug, squit is my paralysis demon

I believe in short ENA Squidkid supremacy
I also believe in bingus supremacy lmao

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