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Final Round LEVEL 6




1 month ago

  • MyIdealHusbando

  • ロック中
  • MyIdealWaifu_MyIdealHusbandoContest

  • original

  • animal

  • animeart

  • medibangpaint

  • dog

  • animeboy

✅ His height must be around 165 cm to 175 cm tall
✅ Monolid eyes
✅ Semi-long, ash black hair color with white highlights. messy hair that perfectly suits him
✅ Handsome
✅ Looks good in haori
✅ Doesn't looks like the kind type of guy when in reality he is a kind guy but too awkward and shy to show it
✅ Doesn't necessarily need to be rich but never fails to spend some time with me
✅ Doesn't usually smile but automatically smiles whenever he sees dogs


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