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All Nighters (Redraw)

All Nighters (Redraw)

All Nighters (Redraw)

haha I redrew some old art from a few months ago (my second post)
totally didn't draw this at 2 AM while watching 2 people argue on medibang and not intervening because it's not my business, even though I was asked to "help" by joining in through discord. I hope that issue was resolved, whatever it was
and it totally didn't inspire me to redraw Gika but this time she's watching probably the same drama going down

Contest prize update: I made a strange amount of progress today [but not enough smh]

unimportant P.S: My style is currently inconsistent, so it'll change a lot. (I'm mainly doing this because someone is copying my art and I want to gather evidence if they change their style too, so I can hopefully call them out for it someday.)

Final Round LEVEL 3

2 months ago
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