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The illustration / manga posting site "MediBang!" Has become "ART street" !!
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  • Gabkat
    Thank you so much strawberry, that method sounds perfect and I'm going to try to use it
  • StrawberryGotOofedAgainnnn
    School is a pain but if you make it your number 1 priority you will find it easy.

    This is what i have do everyday after school

    first i do all my hw immediatly or for projects do a part of it

    then i do that everyday xd.

    its also easier becuz u have more time to do things u enjoy and u dont have to stress over finishing somethung.
  • Gabkat
    thx darkblood , school is a pain but Its good to know that other people go through it too
  • Darkblood
    hope ur grades improve! its one of my first prioritizes! i got an 80 on my report cards last year and i cried because before i was an A honerol the years before... good luck
  • Gabkat
  • StrawberryGotOofedAgainnnn
  • Gabkat
    I'm gonna miss you too river, you and your art is amazing (and so much better than mine) and im sad I won't be here to see more of your art, love ya ❤️❤️❤️
  • 🍍RivershineArt🍍
    Omgggg I’m lateeee!!!! GABKAT IM GONNA MISS U SO MUCH !!! I LOVE U AND UR ART SO MUCHH!! Good luck in school always try ur best no matter what !!!❤️❤️
  • Gabkat
    Thank you so much for supporting this ❤️ for a while I didn't think anyone would miss me.
  • Sincerely Serenity
    Don't worry! School always comes first, and we all have to deal with things like this from time to time. Hopefully you can come back! I'll definitely be here waiting!
  • Gabkat
    thanks Mr zapphire
  • Mr.Zapphire
    take all your time, focus on the school work, and have fun with life!!

    we'll be here if you ever come back!
  • Gabkat
    Thank you strawberry, I'm glad you care
  • Strawberry!!!!
    Take your time with school and take your time. if u r struggling with school out that first!!!
  • Gabkat
    > Kikkoman
    thank you so much ❤️ and I'm glad your here
  • Kikkoman
    take as much time as you need and come back when you are ready!
  • Gabkat
    My report card was not as good as it should have been . And I need to spend more time on school. My parents think I spend to much time on this app so I think they're deleting it. Thank you all so much for all supporting me, you guys are the best! I might come back if my grades gat better or maybe they won't delete it, but I'm probably just hoping that. Thank you for 195 followers, and for being amazing friends - Gabkat
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