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7 months ago

  • April.2020Contest:Color

  • boy

  • pink

  • devil

  • portrait

  • male

  • pinkhair

  • longhair

I wanted to illustrate that the color pink is something that also can be sad, fearful or "evil" & manly. Especially since pink mostly is the color you associate with flowers, girls, and pretty clothing. It was a fun idea to twist the main theme that the color pink usually has.

Short story: This is one of my original characters that comes from my heart<3 He is one of my few characters that has a bad past which led to him being called "The pink devil" by humans who feared him. I will keep his past secret for now so you can imagine it yourself ;)

I decided to not show his face to give the painting more emotions / you can leave it up to your imagination if he's happy, sad, broken och angry.


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