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Thursday, April 1, 2021
MediBang’ new service!
Beyond the concept of painting “MediBang Paint 極 -KIWAMI-”&
Support all the illustrators’ meals “EAT street” Release!
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※Projects below are all for April Fools’
MediBang Inc is launching two new services on April 1st: “MediBang Paint 極 -KIWAMI-”, a drawing software that goes beyond the concept of painting, and “EAT street”, a platform that improves creators' meals. These two new services are based on the concept of “Let Creators to Focus More Works”, to solve the concerns of creators heard from all over the world.

Japanese, English, and Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) are available at first, and more languages will be available.

MediBang Inc. - Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Hideyuki Takashima
ART street - illustration & manga submission site managed by MediBang.
MediBang Paint - a painting application with 52 million downloads and more than 18 million registered members worldwide

New Service 1

Beyond the concept of painting「MediBang Paint 極 -KIWAMI-
“MediBang Paint極 -KIWAMI-”


You will never have to worry about such problems as “ I don’t know how to improve my skill”, “Nobody cares about my illustration”, “My motivation is always low.” The “Gentle Engine” will perfectly support your creative activity!

◼Free Functions
AI will gently help you by working with you and encouraging you with four functions below:

1. Work Buddy Function,
2. Encouraging Function,
3. Satisfy Desire For Recognition Function,
4. High-Spec Multitasking Function

■Paid Function
If the above functions are not enough for you, we recommend the “Safety Functions”.
Please read the example of safety functions below:
1. If you don't complete an illustration at least twice a week, your information will be leaked.
2. If you stop drawing for three minutes, the high-voltage current will wake you up. You will have access to more functions and the “Safety Functions” will motivate you by 200%.

Download MediBang Paint 極-KIWAMI-:

New Service 2

Creators Never Have to Worry Meals
「EAT street」


We will unleash creators from stresses such as “I’m so tired of thinking about what to eat”, ”I don't want to plan what to cook”, and “I don't know how to cook” to let them focus on creative activity. That is the mission of “EAT street”. We will support you from “selection” to “serving” food!

◼EAT street Recipe
Haven’t you bored eating the same meal every day? EAT street introduces innovative recipes that you can taste “heavenly flavors” you have never experienced before.

■MediBang Cafe Studio
MediBang Cafe Studio will be open with the concept of “Draw” × “Eat”! All the dishes in the EAT street recipe are cooked by professional chefs and served.
In addition, there will be a MediBang paint experience corner.

■MediBang Eats
Would you like a freshly prepared meal in your home? MediBang Eats will deliver meals on EAT street to your home and office! You can order from the app and it's available across the world!

EAT street Details:

※Above Projects are all for April Fools’

■What is the MediBang Paint?
In addition to its high basic performance, MediBang Paint illustration/manga creation software has the distinctive features of multi-language support, cloud (storage, materials), and team creation. It is also compatible with multiple platforms (PC, iOS, Android), allowing you to create across multiple devices.

■About ART street
ART street is an illustration/manga submission site that supports “anyone in the world” to become a creator. We always hold illustration and manga contests and events, and aim to be a platform where creators can enjoy interacting with each other.

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