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Tuesday, April 27, 2021
The fun drawing function
“MediBang Library” 
is added to MediBang Paint.
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MediBang Inc. is launching a new service “MediBang Library” to MediBang Paint. The MediBang Library is a new feature that solves the problem of "not knowing what to draw first when starting to draw", which many users in recent years have been struggling with, as more and more people start drawing digitally as they spend more time at home due to the new coronavirus.


▼Features of the MediBang Library
The app allows users to easily download content that makes drawing fun and helps users learn to draw. This feature allows users to practice drawing anytime, anywhere.

▼Currently available MediBang Library content
1.For practicing line drawings
・Let's trace lines.-Easy-
・Let's trace lines-Hard-


2.Dressing up a character
・Let’s draw clothes


3.Content that allows you to create your own SNS icons by tracing lines.
・Let’s draw SNS profile picture.


▼"MediBang Library" Commemorative Campaign

To celebrate the release of this new feature, we will hold a "Medy-chan & Meimi-chan Dress-Up Challenge" on the illustration/manga submission and SNS service "ART street" (operated by MediBang Inc.). You can participate by designing an outfit for an official MediBang character using the "Let's draw clothes" content and submit your illustration to ART street. You can submit to ART street directly from MediBang Paint. Please feel free to join the campaign, whether you are a beginner or an advanced creator!

▼ Medy-chan & Meimi-chan Dress-Up Challenge Information

JST April 28, 2021(Wed)- May 28, 2021(Fri)

◼How to Participate
Please use the “Let’s draw clothes” to design and submit to ART street with the tag “Dress-up Challenge.”

5000 yen for 5 winners by drawing lots.

Japanese, English, Chinese(Simplified), Chinese(Traditional), Korean, Spanish ※The campaign will be announced on the ART street website.

We will continue to create content that "makes drawing fun" and "helps people learn drawing" so that people who have started drawing digitally through MediBang Paint can use the MediBang Library to solve their problems when they are not sure what to draw.

■What is the MediBang Paint?
In addition to its high basic performance, MediBang Paint illustration/manga creation software has the distinctive features of multi-language support, cloud (storage, materials), and team creation. It is also compatible with multiple platforms (PC, iOS, Android), allowing you to create across multiple devices.

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