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Friday, December 17, 2021
Illustration・Manga Creation Software
“MediBang Paint” 7th Anniversary !
Celebration campaign with the largest prizes !
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With over 67 million downloads and 22 million registered users, the Illustration and Manga creation software "MediBang Paint", developed by MediBang Inc. (Headquarter in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO Hideyuki Takashima; hereinafter MediBang) marked its 7th anniversary on November 27th.

Available in 17 languages, “MediBang Paint” is exceptional in the number of foreign users much exceeding the number of local users in Japan. It is the biggest global illustration・manga creation software with the share of international users surpassing 86%.

Since its release in November 2014, “MediBang Paint” has shown rapid progression and development worldwide, reaching 67 million downloads in 7 years of performance.

More than 67 million downloads, MediBang Paint in data

Additionally, we have begun offering a subscription service “MediBang Premium” in September of 2021.

With the release of “MediBang Premium”, we will accelerate into further growth and continue to support the creative activities of MediBang Paint users under the mission of “Let anyone in the world become a creator” adopted since our start.

■MediBang Paint 7th Anniversary Event■

To celebrate the 7th anniversary of MediBang Paint, we are opening an illustration posting campaign, accompanied by the largest prizes ever.

The users can participate in this campaign by drawing and posting an illustration of MediBang Paint official character “Medi-chan 7 years later” with the template we have created.

We have prepared gorgeous prizes for creators such as the Color Management LCD Monitor “EIZO ColorEdge CS2410”and more.
I hope you join us on this campaign.

▼「MediBang Paint 7th Anniversary Campaign」Details

Campaign Page URL

Event Period
December 17th, 2021 (Fri) 〜 January 31st, 2022 (Mon) *JST

Entry Format
Using the templates available on the campaign page, draw the official character of MediBang Paint, “Medi-chan” 7 years later ver. and post on ART street with the tags for each category.

■Ideal Medi-chan Award (1 Winner)
EIZO ColorEdge CS2410
Xencelabs Pen Tablet Medium
iPad 9th generation
※1 Winner will be selected from both categories combined, via the votes of MediBang staffs.

■PC Category Award (Max 3 Winners)
Xencelabs Pen Tablet Medium
※※3 Winners will be selected from the PC category with random lottery draw

■Mobile Category Award (Max 3 Winners)
iPad 9th generation
※3 Winners will be selected from the Mobile category with random lottery draw

Japanese, English, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Korean, Spanish
※For other precautions, please refer to the campaign page.

What is MediBang Paint

MediBang Paint, available in 17 languages, is the biggest global illustration・manga creation software with international users exceeding the number of local Japanese users. It has achieved extremely fast success worldwide, gaining over 60 million downloads in less than 7 years since its release in November 2014. MediBang Paint contains features ranging from high quality tools, multilingual support and cloud system (storage・resources) to team production and the “MediBang Library” function targeting beginner artists. Moreover, the creation services can be accessed from various environments with its availability on multiple platforms (PC, iOS, Android).


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