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Friday, March 22, 2019
Shueisha, MediBang!, YES24 Collaborate, Launch Worldwide Manga Contest JUMPPAINT Global Artistic Manga Award
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Having achieved 28m downloads and over 8.5m registered users of its signature paint studio MediBang Paint, as well as the deployment of its eponymous manga and illustration submission site supporting creators around the world, MediBang Inc. (based in Shibuya, Tokyo) has collaborated with SHUEISHA Inc. (Chiyoda, Tokyo) and YES24 Corp. (Seoul) to launch the JUMPPAINT Global Artistic Manga Award on March 22nd, a contest aimed at those same creators worldwide.

The JUMPPAINT Global Artistic Manga Award

 A manga contest where one’s skills at drawing manga will be assessed directly by the Shonen Jump+ editing team, submissions are made via JUMPPAINT exclusively. In addition to works made specifically for the contest, works already made public online are also submittable.

 In addition of course to original works, entrants may demonstrate their technical ability through submitting a work based on one of the two officially-created drafts (Names) prepared by the Shonen Jump+ editing team: Love Comedy, or Battle.

 Submissions are free to be made in English, Spanish, Korean, and both simplified and traditional Chinese, allowing creators from all over the world to participate.

 Within Korea, the contest will also be promoted by YES24, through Shiftbooks( well as through multiple social media platforms throughout the country.

 Talent from around the world is expected to come together to compete for a grand prize of one million Japanese yen, followed by a semi-grand prize of 300,000 yen.

Click here to see the official page for the JUMP PAINT Global Artistic Manga Award:


 With functions well-received by many, ranging from those aiming to become manga writers one day to professional manga authors, JUMPPAINT is complete with tools essential for the creation of manga such as G nibs, fineliners and screentones. It also features limitless cloud storage space, allowing you to manage your works anywhere.

 JUMP PAINT also features a freely available compilation of resources via Challenge Jump, which allows you to look up processes for the full creation of manga, such as illustration, how to use pens, and the application of screen tones. Not only that, but it shows these using examples from famous Jump works.

 One Piece’s Eiichirou Oda, My Hero Academia’s Kouhei Horikoshi, Naruto’s Masashi Kishimoto, Haruichi Furudate of Haikyuu!! fame - and more - all offer their secrets on Challenge Jump. Weekly instructional courses are also put up by the Weekly Shonen Jump editing team.

 Through these courses, users all around the world can study how to draw manga just like the Weekly Shonen Jump editing team, all with a simple internet connection.

■About MediBang Inc.

MediBang Inc. (HQ: Shibuya, Tokyo; President and CEO: Hideyuki Takashima) aspires for a manga and illustration revolution, where whoever, wherever you are, you can draw and share with ease. Currently develops and operates the global manga platform MediBang, as well as the free-to-use, high quality illustration and manga production application MediBang Paint.

■About Jump+

Shonen Jump+ is a weekly web manga magazine, first launched in 2014 by the Weekly Shonen Jump editing team.

Not only can you read the digital edition of the Weekly Shonen Jump and Jump Comics such as One Piece and My Hero Academia, Shonen Jump+ is home to over 50 original, serialized works.

Heaps of popular titles are coming out one after another, with works such as Fire Punch, ​Shuumatsu no Harem,​ ​Karadasagashi,​ ​Jigokuraku ​and ASTRA LOST IN SPACE.

■About YES24

YES24 Corp. (11, Eunhaeng-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Korea; CEO: Suk Hwan Kim) Established in 1999, YES24 Corp. is the owner of the first e-bookstore platforms in Korea (YES24, Shiftbooks) and leads the market in providing various forms of global and cultural exchange content, both online and offline.

About The Company: 

​MediBang Inc.

CEO:H​ideyuki Takashima


Address:Shibuya Infoss Annex Level 10 12-10 Sakuragaoka-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0031, JAPAN

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